Saturday, January 7, 2017

Soft Hackle Caddis Emerger

    This is another great caddis pattern that represents the emerger stage in the caddis life cycle.  I typically fish this with a cast slightly downstream and across the stream and let the fly swing to shore....AKA "The Wet Fly Swing."  The trout typically make a violent take on them so there is no mistake if you had a hit or not.

    I also fish this fly as a nymph by adding a little splitshot to get it to the bottom.  Adding just enough weight so the fly rides in the middle of the water column is also a good little trick.  The weight helps get the fly down in the water column and as the fly starts to swing it will rise in the water column, making the fly look like it is swimming towards the surface getting ready to emerge........BAMMMM!! Fish on!!

    Fishing this fly as a dry fly in surface film is another good presentation.  Add some fly floatant to the length of your tippet but do not put any on the fly.  Fish dead drift just like a dry fly and be ready for the rise.  They can be quite splashy at times.  If the fly starts to sink I prefer to use an Amadou patch to remove water from the fly.

    Soft Hackle patterns are great flies to fish and can be tied in a wide variety of sizes and colors depending on the natural you are trying to represent or the quarry you are targeting.  Everything from Blue Gills to Steelehead will take a bite at this style of fly pattern.

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