Saturday, January 14, 2017

Deer Hair Caddis

    In this video I am tying and Elk Hair Caddis but I am using Deer Hair instead, so the fly is called a Deer Hair Caddis.  I am also tying this fly with an egg sac in the rear so it looks like an egg laying caddis.  Not always necessary to tie this fly with the egg sac, but when the trout are keyed in on them it's amazing how the same size and color fly won't get as much as attention as the one with the egg sac.

  This is great dry fly pattern that can be tied in quite a few sizes as well as colors to match the naturals on your favorite streams.  Bluegills like this pattern as well.  You can fish it dead drift like a typical dry fly and you can also skitter it across the surface.

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